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Happy Deepavali Promotion

Dive into the celebratory atmosphere during Deepavali at Belum Rainforest Resort! Savor a delightful selection of Indian cuisine while relishing the ideal escape for relaxation and enjoyment.


Terms & Conditions

Deepavali Special Deals

"Seize this promotion while it's still available. Join us with a group, and the festive season is at its finest when celebrated with your loved ones."

standard price
RM 1,900.00
RM 2,388.00
RM 2,230.00
RM 2,788.00
RM 2,630.00
RM 3,288.00
RM 4,450.00
RM 5,688.00
RM 7,588.00
RM 6,070.00
  1. Stay Period: November 1st - November 30th, 2023

  2. Rates include breakfast, dinner, and excursion activities for 2 guests (Azlanii, Chengal, and Tualang), 4 guests (Pulai), and 6 guests (Meranti).

  3. An additional charge of RM 588 is applicable when accompanying a child (Azlanii room only).

  4. Please note that excursion activities are subject to change based on the monsoon season and the closure of the State Park (To Be Announced).

Discover Your Getaway

My name is Alexa Young

"Your Gateway to Nature. Book your escape today, join us in a group, and we'll introduce you to the experience of breathing in fresh air, enjoying stunning landscapes, savoring the beauty of the lake, and much more."

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