Puteri Dewi Spa

The Spa in the Forest,

The Forest in the Spa

belum rainforest resort spa
belum rainforest resort spa
belum rainforest resort spa
belum rainforest resort spa
belum rainforest resort spa

The Spa Rituals

Begins with an intimate ‘Siraman  Bungaan  Puteri  Ulek  Mayang’ (Princess Floral Shower)  invoking the radiant energy in you…. a ritualistic Balinese Foot Soak & Foot Cleansing with fresh  cucumber extract evenly crushed  rose petals & lime while we serve you  Our Warm  Lemongrass  Ginger Tea, preparing your body and mind for our Signature  ‘Urutan  Badan  Nusantara Tekanan  Puteri  Gunung  Ledang’,  (Traditional Deep Tissue Body Massage ) with  balanced pressure & long kneading strokes, creating an experience of restoration and  rejuvenation unlike any other…

  • Total indulgence:  120 min

MYR350.00 for 1 & MYR650.00 for 2

The journey to ultimate serenity begins with our Intimate Siraman  Bungaan  Puteri  Ulek Mayang  ( Floral Shower) followed by our ‘Puteri  Limau  Purut  Foot Cleansing  Ritual’ with Warm Floral Essence , crushed lime & rose petals continuing with an ancient touch of Balinese Foot Massage, while we serve you Our  Warm  Lemongrass Ginger Tea….the indulgence  continues with our Secret Herbs & Coconut Milk Body Scrub, concluding the ritual with our ‘Urutan Badan Tekanan  7  Puteri’ (Authentic Balinese Body Massage)

  • Total Indulgence: 150 min

Inviting the old Tradition of Healing Therapy …using handpicked herbs including ginger, lemongrass, cinnamons & cloves, the hot compress is gently applied along the energy line and over the body to ease muscle pain & induce relaxation from within…The Balinese Herbal Compress reduces inflammation by opening the pores, bringing medicinal heat to the muscles for deep relaxation & healing while you enjoy a soothing Head, Back & Shoulder Kneading Massage…

  • Total indulgence:  60 min

Skin Beauty Ritual… lavish amount of cucumber extract, our secret herbs and healing Aloe Vera applied on your body with Young banana leaves ‘cocooned’ around you to absorb heat & hydrate your skin promoting silky smooth skin, while you enjoy our Traditional Head & Feet Massage with Virgin Coconut Oil and Our Traditional Floral Bath for a total rejuvenation

  • Total indulgence: 90 min

A heavenly Foot Spa, beginning with a Balinese traditional foot cleansing ritual with rose petals, lime and essential products continuing with a lavish soothing foot scrub to remove all impurities then a Relaxing Balinese Foot Massage with warm essential oil to enhance blood circulation… concluding with a firm Head and Shoulder Massage

  • Total indulgence: 90 min

A rich mixture of Balinese Herbs, Dark Chocolate, Olive Oil & Fresh Coconut Milk evenly applied on you after a Lavish exfoliation therapy to remove all impurities and dead skin promoting silky smooth skin, while the Dark Chocolate enhances the youthfulness with its firming properties……. concluding the Beauty Ritual with our Ancient Head, Back & Foot Massage & Our Signature Traditional Floral Milk Bath…

  • Total indulgence: 90 min

Immerse your feet in a warm grounding mineral and floral bath infused with essentials… an upper body oil massage, focusing on the Head, Neck & Shoulder areas to allow deeper relaxation and unwind from your travel. Our ‘Secret Ingredients’ of Hot compress with traditional herbs from our Secret Garden of   Eden’ is lightly applied to energy points to ease tired muscles of the shoulder & back, restoring your body’s natural balance

  • Total indulgence: 60 min

Inspired by the ‘Royal Balinese Beauty Therapy’ to sooth the senses & create softer more Radiant and Supple skin for the new you. The traditional Balinese facial blending with the application of facial massage and natural extracts of fresh herbs mixed with Cucumber Papaya Extract to enhance ‘Inner radiance and Outer Glow’…

  • Total indulgence:  60 min

An incredible nourishing manicure & pedicure experience brought all the way from Bali… beginning with hands and feet floral warm milk soak and lavish gentle exfoliation of the hands & feet with rich mixture of hand crushed lime, rose petals & Essential nourishing and moisturizing products for your skin continuing with soothing hands & feet massage with Virgin Coconut Oil. Concluding the Ritual with professional manicure & pedicure with lavish strokes of Nail Polish of your choice.

  • Total indulgence: 120 min

An Intimate Spa Experience with a loved one in the midst of a forest…. beginning with Our 'Intimate Forest Floral Foot Cleansing Ritual' for Her & Him'… Concluding with Balinese Body Massage with Virgin Coconut Oil

  • Total indulgence: 90 minutes

MYR250.00 for 1 person and MYR460.00 for 2 persons

Beauty Body Ritual, beginning with Our Traditional Floral Foot Cleansing Ritual, Our Signature 'Javanese Body Lulur' (Body Scrub) & Coconut Milk Skin Polish concluding with Javanese Deep Tissue Body Massage with Herbal Oil

  • Total indulgence: 120 minutes

MYR270.00 for 1 person and MYR500.00 for 2 persons

Ancient Nusantara Body Ritual… Beginning with '7 Aura Mandian Bungaan' (Traditional Floral bath), Traditional 7 Floral Limau Purut Foot Cleansing Ritual & 'Urutan Nusantara Tekanan 7 Puteri (Traditional Body Massage)

  • Total indulgence: 150 minutes

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Room Spa Package

Samstuta Rainforest Connect


  • 3 days 2 nights all inclusive stay for 2 persons in Tualang

  • Intimate candle light dinner

  • Ancient AyurBali Intimate Spa Ritual by the lake

Ananada Rainforest Getaway


  • 4 days 3 nights all inclusive stay for 4 persons in Pulai

  • Ancient AyurBali Aura Cleansing Ritual

  • Ancient AyurBali Intimate Spa Ritual by the lake

Pravasa Samudra Rejuvenation


  • 5 days 4 nights all inclusive stay for 6 persons in Villa Santubong

  • Ancient AyurBali Aura Cleansing Ritual

  • Rejuvenating Yoga

  • BBQ Diner for 6

  • Ferry Ride on lake for Meditation

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