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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting to resort and parking
Q: How to I get to the resort?

A: By Car from KL – you can drive through plus highway and exit Kuala Kangsar. After Kuala Kangsar please follow the sign to a town called Gerik. After Gerik follow the sign to Pulau Banding or Royal Belum. Once you see an army camp we are just a bridge away.

By Car from Penang – Drive toward Kulim – from Kulim you should follow towards Gerik. After Gerik follow the sign to Pulau Banding or Royal Belum. Once you see an army camp we are just a bridge away.

By Bus – you can get a public Bus to Gerik. Once you reach Gerik bus station, a taxi station is located at the back of the bus station. Taking a taxi is most practical as there is no bus to the resort. The cost of taxi is approximately RM60 per taxi. The costs of a bus ticket from KL is approx RM45 per person.

BY ETS – ETS from Kuala Lumpur is to Kuala Kangsar, from Kuala Kangsar you can book a taxi or a bus to Gerik and a taxi to the resort.

Q: How far away are you from the airport?

A:  From KLIA, 413km (about 4.5 hours drive). From Penang Airport, 170km (about 2.5 hours drive).

Q: Does your resort provide shuttle service to/from Penang Airport?     

A: We do not provide any shuttle service. However, we could arrange for local taxi drivers to send/pick you up at Penang Airport. Please be informed that the taxi fare must be paid in cash directly to the taxi driver.

If you are agreeable to this service arrangement, please let us know the specific date, location, time of send/pick-up so that we can advise you the taxi fare.

Q: What seems the best way from Georgetown to Belum?

A: The best way is always driving a private car from George Town to here which takes about 3 hours.

By public transport, I would suggest you take a bus from Georgetown to Ipoh. From Ipoh, there are buses to the town of Gerik. From Gerik a one way taxi to the resort is approximately RM60.

By hired car or taxi service, directly from Georgetown to the resort will cost you approximately RM300.

Q: Where is the nearest town?

A: The nearest town is Gerik which is about 45 minutes’ drive from the resort.

Q: Where can I park my car?

A: You can park your car at the designated parking lots at our premise.

Q: What are the parking charges like?

A: We offer complimentary parking for guests.

Booking Policy & Check-In/Out

Q: What is the time for check-in and check-out?

A: Our official check-in time is 03.00 pm and check-out is 12.00 noon.

Q: Can I request for late check-out?

A:  Yes, but additional charges will apply.

Q: Is your lobby available for check in 24/7?

A:  Our operating hours is from 7-am to 10-pm.

Q: Is room upgrade allowable?

A: We allow room upgrading upon availability and with a price.

Q: Will there be any different in room rates for weekdays and weekend?

A:  Our room rates are not fluctuating regardless of weekdays and weekend if you book directly with us.

Q: We are a family of 3 and prefer to stay in one (1) room. Will it be possible?

A: To maximize the comfortability of our guests in general, our policy allows for a maximum of 2 adults and 2 kids below 12 years old. We would like to suggest for you to book 2 rooms if your child is above 12 years old. We can arrange rooms that are close to each other or a connecting room. However, this is also subject to availability upon check-in.

Amenities and Services
Q: Is money changer available at the resort?

A: No, there isn’t. However, the nearest license money changer is located at Gerik town.

Q: Is there free wifi at your premise?

A: Yes. 

Q: Are there ironing and laundry facilities?

A:  Ironing facilities are readily available in all rooms except for Azlanii room category. However, it is available upon request.

We don’t have in-house laundry facilities. 

Q: In case of emergency, where is the nearest medical facility?

A: The nearest medical facility is the Government Hospital in Gerik, about 45km away from the resort. 

However, for immediate medical attention, we can get you to the doctor at army camp within few minutes, just across the bridge. Subject to the availability.

Q: Do you have room for disables people?

A:  Yes, we have 1 room for disabled people which is Chengal. 

Q: Is there a place for luggage at the lobby?

A:  Yes.

Food and Beverages
Q: How many dining areas in the resort?

A: We have two restaurants, the Hornbill and Sidai.

Q: Are your restaurants catering to special need?

A: We would like to advice those with special requests, example ‘gluten free’, ‘vegan’, etc to requests at least 7 days earlier so we can plan the suitable meals.

Q: Do you sell alcohol?

A: No, all our restaurants are with ‘halal’ certification which requires us to prohibit alcohol in both restaurants.

Tours and Activities
Q: What sort of activities that you offered in Belum?

A: The lists of activities offered which mostly are towards sustainable forest tourism. Please have a look at the varieties and advise us which activity that you are interested in so we can book immediately for you. For your information too, any activities that involve visitation to Royal Belum and Temengor forest, we need to prepare a permit in which you have to submit a photocopy of passport or local id within 10 days prior to visitation. You can do that via email to

Q: When is the raining season?

A: Usually the raining season is from December to February.

Q: If we want to have a private tour, how much additional charge do we have to pay?

A: A surcharge of an additional RM250 per boat will be imposed for a private tour requests on top of the normal charges.

Q: Do you get to see wild animals during the tours?

A: Yes and no. Visibility of wild animals can be difficult due to their shy nature and reluctance towards human presence. Unlike the zoos and safaris, our forest is natural with animals living their own habitat and some of them nocturnal. However, if you are lucky, sighting school of elephants, otters, birds etc is possible and higher during certain time and period.

Q: Do you provide an English speaking guide?

A: Our guides mostly can speak basic English.

Q: Can we fish or swim on the lake adjacent to the resort?

A: For your own safety, we can’t allow swimming in the lake to avoid accidents with passing boats near the resort, the lake is also very deep, in average, the depth is 300ft which requires you to wear a life jacket. 

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