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(Required group of 10 to 18 persons)

2 Nights accommodation at

7 Bedrooms Luxury Villa

(4 King beds, 10 Single Beds)

All meals will be served at the Villa

F&B and maid service

Satellite TV and Entertainment system

Private pool and sun lounger within a spacious terrace


Belum Discovery Excursion:

Rafflesia and Wildlife Spotting,

Jungle Trekking to Salt Lick,

Hike to Waterfall and

Packed Lunch Included


Bamboo Rafting | Kayaking

Leisure Fishing at Jetty

Nature walks 

(Arrangement for these activities is subject to prior notice)

IMG_0938 copy.jpg


Experience the seamless blend of luxury and the untamed in an extraordinary fusion. Hidden in a tranquil corner of the resort, a stunning seven-bedroom villa invites you with luxurious sofas, exquisite chandeliers, and a private infinity pool gracefully intertwining with the surrounding forest. We're thrilled to invite you for a 'new-normal' staycation. Do note that this exclusive property and experience are crafted exclusively for group getaways. Delight in the tranquility of nature while immersed in unparalleled opulence. Reserve your getaway today!


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