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Villa Santubong

Nestled in the serene rainforest surroundings, Villa Santubong seamlessly combines luxury living with the enchanting beauty of nature, allowing you to fully appreciate the essence of the great outdoors. Enjoy the wonders of nature in the lap of modern luxury. Keep in mind that this unique experience is tailor-made for group getaways. Immerse yourself in nature's embrace. Secure your ideal retreat now!

RM 3, 000.00 net p/night

(breakfast for 6 persons)

3 Bedrooms Luxury Villa

All meals will be served at the Villa

Satellite TV and Entertainment System

Private pool and sun lounger within a spacious terrace

Belum Discovery Excursion:

Rafflesia and Wildlife Spotting,

Jungle Trekking to Salt Lick,

Hike to Waterfall and

Packed Lunch Included

Bamboo Rafting | Kayaking

Leisure Fishing at Jetty

Nature walks 

(Arrangement for these activities is subject to prior notice)

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